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Evoke Productions was founded in 2021 by Francesca Firman. After training and working as an actor for 6 years, Francesca realised she wanted to bring the arts to the many, not just the few. With a passion for writing and producing as well as performing, she decided to create productions that were accessible to all and that truly evoked emotion in the audience.

Whether you laugh, cry or something in between, Evoke Productions hopes to give you many warm memories.

Upcoming Projects

12TH Night Lite

How much chaos is caused when a girl dresses up as a boy and falls in love with her boss?

When twins Viola and Sebastian get lost at sea and each think the other has perished, Viola decides she will fare better as a man and dresses up as a servant to the Duke Orsino, who instructs Viola (now known as Cesario) to convince Olivia to marry the Duke. Unfortunately Olivia thinking Viola is a man, falls in love with our hero (I mean heroine - this gets confusing). Viola falling in love with the Duke completes this love triangle, and makes it a true love story for the ages. 'Oh time! Thou must untangle this, not I; It is too hard a knot for me to untie.'


What would you do if you stumbled across a tower with a Princess locked in?

After spending her life locked in a tower, Rapunzel decides she wants to see the outside world. Luckily for her, Prince charming arrives at that very moment. Can they work together to escape the tower and the evil queen? 

Join us in August 2022 for our summer show full of music, comedy and an adventure fit for anyone.